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Displaced families return to Mohmand

Displaced families return to Mohmand

GHALANAI: At slightest 12 uprooted families came back to outskirt zones in Khwezai tehsil, Mohmand Agency, here a day or two ago, said authorities of the political organization.

The tribesmen were uprooted from these ranges after security strengths dispatched operation against aggressors in 2010-11.

These families had moved to more secure spots in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab.

Biazai APA Abdullah Shah, authorities of Mohmand Rifles and various tribal senior citizens accumulated in Atta Bazaar of Khwezai and respected the returning individuals.

Talking on the event, Mr Shah said that the neighborhood organization would bolster the returning families and everything fundamental needs would be given to them at their doorstep. A large portion of the tribesmen were uprooted amid the military operation from the Khwezai and Biazai zones situated on the Pak-Afghan fringe. These individuals were yet to be adjusted for their obliterated houses.

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