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Where Does Pakistan Tea Come From

Where Does Pakistan Tea Come From

ISLAMABAD: As one of the vital biggest tea-ingesting countries on this planet, it should come as no surprise that Pakistan imported over 150,000 million tons of tea in the fiscal 12 months 2014-15.

Actually, this 12 months, the nation is good on its option to surpassing that quantity, having already imported over ninety,000 milliion tons of it within the first six months of FY2015-sixteen on my own.

In step with a written response, submitted to the country wide assembly by the commerce ministry final week, Pakistan imports tea – in various quantities – from as a minimum 38 different nations, with Kenya, India, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania comprising the top 5.

Of the complete amount of tea imported in 2014-15, around 65pc or ninety eight,000 million tons got here from Kenya by myself.

Pakistan has also imported tea from exclusive areas, equivalent to Kiribati, St Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean, and the British Virgin Islands, to call a number of.

Nonetheless, tea-large China ranks 12th on the list, and in 2014-15, best 988 million lots of tea were imported from there. The quantity of imports from Turkey, one other leading producer of teas, is just about negligible.

This record of nations can be various in view that of the quite a lot of varieties of tea that are indigenous to one-of-a-kind elements of the sector. For instance, Zimbabwe, which exported 87 million tons of tea to Pakistan in 2014-15, specialises especially in black tea, which is a staple across the country.

Nevertheless, South Africa, which specialises in herbal and fruit teas, sent only about 14 million plenty of its produce to Pakistan in the same year.

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